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Experiments in evaluation: lessons from randomisation in research funding. Slides from a RoRI-SNSF-EMBO workshop, 1 December 2021

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posted on 2021-12-16, 16:47 authored by Research on Research Institute (RoRI)Research on Research Institute (RoRI), James Wilsdon, Helen Buckley Woods, Sandra Bendiscioli, Teo Firpo, Lucy Pomeroy, Marco Bieri, Rachel Heyard, Dagmar Simon, Elisabeth Nindl

This workshop, which took place on 1 December 2021, was co-hosted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) and Research on Research Institute (RoRI).

Its aim was to share the latest insights from a consortium of research funders involved in trials of randomisation in funding, and related experiments in grant allocation. The workshop also included the launch of RoRI’s ‘Experimental Research Funders’ Handbook’ and findings from a new study on funder motivations for the use of partial randomisation in grant allocation.

The slides here include presentations at the workshop from RoRI, EMBO, Nesta-IGL, Swiss National Science Foundation, Volkswagen Foundation, Health Research Council of New Zealand, and FWF-Austrian Science Fund.

The full agenda is as follows:

AGENDA (all times CET / GMT+1:00)

Session 1: Experiments and the future of evaluation

09:30 Welcome and reflections on SNSF’s journey into experimental research funding—Matthias Egger, President, Swiss National Science Foundation

09:45 Chair and introduction to RoRI’s work on randomisation and experimentation—James Wilsdon, Director, Research on Research Institute

09:50 The Experimental Research Funders’ Handbook: highlights and insights—Teo Firpo, Innovation Growth Lab, Nesta; Sandra Bendiscioli, Senior Programme Officer, EMBO;

10:05 Funder motivations for the use of partial randomisation—Helen Buckley Woods, Research Associate, RoRI

10:15 Questions and discussion

10:30 Coffee break (15 mins)

Session 2: Insights & evidence from trials of partial randomisation

10:45 Chair & opening remarks—Michele Garfinkel, Head, Policy Programme, EMBO

10:50 Randomising in pursuit of equity and impact: lessons from New Zealand—Lucy Pomeroy, Head of Research Investments & Contracts, Health Research Council of NZ

11:05 Rethinking the funding line: random selection at the SNSF —Marco Bieri, Scientific Officer & Rachel Heyard, Statistician, Swiss National Science Foundation

11:20 Volkswagen Foundation’s “Experiment!” Initiative: emerging findings & future plans—Dagmar Simon, Managing Director, EvaConsult

11:35 1000 Ideas Programme: a novel mechanism for novel ideas—Elisabeth Nindl, Senior Evaluation Officer, Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

11:50 Discussion panel for Session 2 speakers (joined also by Matthias Egger, SNSF)

12:25 Closing remarks—Michele Garfinkel, Head, Policy Programme, EMBO & James Wilsdon, Director, Research on Research Institute

12:30 Event close